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The update is targeted on Pro Controllers being newly registered with the console, which could result in a false analogue stick input impacting its use. I bought him a new one and nothing yet, however he plays 3ds more then his switch. But my original black one that I use all the time is still flawless. My left analog on pro has drift as well. @wert303b here we go. There's a carbon ring that's adhered to the inside of the wheel housings that contacts a thin metal ring that rotates when you move the joystick (each wheel housing accounts for 1 axis of movement). Also be sure to leave it alone for a time. Joy-Con drift is an issue that Switch owners have been encountering over the last few months that causes the analog sticks on the controllers to … I sneakily swapped it with the stick on my brother’s gamepad haha. I don't see the value in a controller that drifts after less than 1 year like mine did. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Analog Stick PERMANENT Fix. my 2 pro controllers - both 10 months old - drifting like crazy ... as much as i love the switch, but i will NEVER buy nintendo 1st party hardware anymore. Not had any issues with my pro controller so far after almost three years now. T does say this in the article. An internet connection is required to view bookmarked News items. In a game like MHGU when these situations occur it can seriously be the deciding factor between living and dead (especially on EX monster hunts!!!). For the joy cons, my two left ones developed drift (I use the left stick for walking in games a lot more than the right sticks). Once you’ve applied the final dousing of cleaning, wait a good ten minutes with the controller in a well-ventilated area to make sure it’s all lovely and dry in there before putting it back together. If you want to see a video showing this process search YT for a video titled "How to Fix Analog Drift or Analog Stutter on PS4 Controller (Cleaning Solution)". Stop whining and repair the joystick yourself... it's so easy my daughter can do that and it'll cost next to nothing. You’ll then be presented with a screen that shows how the console interprets the stick movement; rotate the stick on its axis, flick it around, generally get a feel for how it’s behaving. @Fido007 Maybe they feel these people should have lives outside of gaming. It’s more likely to be a firmware problem in the switch itself.... the same drift problem can happen with any controller you use with Switch. Most notably with games that only use it for certain actions that are not movement. Even Lawyers require Documentation to proceed and without that your at the mercy of the Plaintiff to find holes in the story. The fault developed just under 2 years. The controller I use the most is actually the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus.. And that one has a broken "A" button so I managed to find my old SNES controller (still in working condition) and replaced the rubber pad of the buttons. And don’t even get me started on the joycons. @WiltonRoots Maybe it is the consumers fault for playing their games too much lol. If the crosshair moves without you doing anything (however little), if you’re unable to make a clean, smooth 360º rotation, or if it doesn’t even want to move all the way to the edge in some areas, you’ve got a problem. So when i played games like Super Mario Party.. i found out the hard way. This makes games like Splatoon almost unplayable. (not to mention, the 80 dollar joy-cons that drifts worse/ just as bad). @Zuljaras You and me both. My Wii U gamepad has a bad case of drift in its left stick which pretty much makes the console unplayable. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... 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I have said in another article and I’m going to repeat here: this is not a controller problem! @dazzleshell I'm in the same boat. @MsJubilee The only thing irresponsible here is your statement. @sixrings I totally understand what you mean. I wanted to casually play BOTW, and Link kept running off platforms without my input. I am in my 30s and never had any other controllers break/drift/etc. also why are those screenshots in the basic white theme. It's on a PS4 controller and he bends the housing pins dangerously far, but it's the exact same process. super mario maker 2 maker id:GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address:DA-8686-0818-6844 My Pro controller hasn't given me any problems, but until now, I didn't think I would need to suffix that statement with 'yet'. Posted on: Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:45 pm EST This article was last updated on: Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:25 pm EST UPDATE: After a week and a half, I have received my Switch Pro Controller back from Nintendo. I had to replace the analog sticks. Dude, if your pro controller is drifting, you're screwed. However the drift problem is real, no matter how careful you are. There's class action lawsuits against Nintendo on this. Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers? My gratitude and all credit goes to the author; the author also noted to spread the word and so here’s the resource: Every single one. I'm having the same issue with my pro controller. It would even keep going left for a couple of seconds even without touching the L joystick. It's incompetence of design. Maybe also the species. The only issue is the way that Nintendo designed the cup of the joystick, it allows dust to fall into the joystick itself. However, the Pro controller for the Switch is not without its faults. i know the pro controller might be different i personally didn't get any drift from it yet, but the whole drift problems is not really a big deal, all you need to do is just clean it, you won't need to open it either just clean under the joystick and it should work like new, everytime it comes for me i just clean and it works fine. I did have joycon drift on my day one Switch however. ... I’ve had my newest switch and had the left drift but it was fixed by simply power cycling the console. On the Pro Controller however they use the same analog sticks as everyone else. Nintendo needs to fix this crap! Just a few days ago while playing AC:NH, I found the left analog stick on the procon started drifting down causing my character to move slightly. Ultimate Version 10.1.0 Is Now Live, He... What Are Your Most-Played Switch Games This Year? Sometimes I swear I know I hit the up command but the right command will execute or vice versa. They used to put in their manuals all the time that people should take regular breaks and do something else. Added new selections to the lineup of user profile icons. If there was any justice we would be mentioning Joycon drift in the same sentence as RROD and the ApocalyPS3. But anyone saying they have issue I would say where is your documented problem? Make sure you follow the instructions on the can of compressed air that you have, as some contain a liquid that may potentially damage your controller. First things first, and we know this may seem obvious to some, but it’s only obvious if you know. You want to go into your Switch’s settings menu and recalibrate the offending stick - it’s usually the left stick but we aren’t here to judge. I eventually called Nintendo Support last week and they were able to setup a free (post) warranty repair. If you're going to sell these controllers for such a high price, I expect quality. The only controllers I've had that had a drift problems were my Wii U gamepads left stick and my Xbox One controllers left stick. So don't panic about your pro controller, it's as likely to do it as any other console you have. I used the process linked above to fix my joysticks and added thin tape afterward to hopefully minimize the chances of happening again. If it was anywhere close to the case of joycons, we would all have heard about it much more often. I took them apart, replaced it with a metal joystick, but the problem came back. @graysoncharles I got my first experience with my brothers, he barely played it for a few years, then last year he put more time into it. Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. So far my Wii U and 3DS has not had any problems. Has this guide helped at all? But the Joy-Con drift isn't limited solely to the dockable Nintendo Switch console. It really worked for me. Will there ever be a Switch Pro? I love the Steam Controller's extra buttons though. These housings need to be cleaned directly to eliminate the problem. To clean the wheel assemblies without soldering/desoldering, you gently pry the top of the green housings away from the cradle box, remove the metal/plastic wheel from inside with tweezers, and gently clean the carbon wheel with isopropanol and a q-tip being sure to remove all debris (If any of the carbon wheel is completely worn off, the wheel housing needs replaced which will require soldering/desoldering. Document your own and send them in for warranty replacement or fix or contact NIN if you have to pay to ship. I remember the issues with the docks scratching the screens... mine doesn’t do that, some people must be rough with the hardware. I've found the Pro controller's drifting issues are mostly caused by dust getting inside the mechanism, a compressed air can and a q-tip with alcohol solved mine and two months on, everything works perfectly. About a month or 2 later I finally bought a used red right joycon so I could play handheld again from Gamestop and it works fine. They never drifted once, again I take care of my stuff, so there is that. Not since alllll my other controllers from Nintendo still work fine after all those years! @sixrings oh shut up. Find Out With Nintendo's Year In Review. It only became apparent then so is not due to improper usage etc. It was my go-to controller for both switch and pc gaming. I got rid of my pro controller and I got the Nintendo licensed PDP controller instead. Now works great but the pad dimensions were a tiny bit different so the feeling is a bit off. Players from all over reported that their Switch consoles were experiencing a phenomenon called Joy-Con drift, which has resulted in a class-action lawsuit against the company. Did they do a revision on the pro that fixed these issues? I totally didn't expect them to do anything about it, but am grateful that they are repairing it now. The DYI guy. I just wanted to stress that Joy Con drift and Pro Controller drift are not the same! This is the third update in three weeks, as Nintendo dropped the nice rounded version number of 10.0.0 on 13th April. Have had 0 problems with the split pad pro and all 3 limited edition pro controllers (splatoon, xenoblade and smash). Nintendo have dropped a hotfix for the Nintendo Switch System software this morning, bumping the version number up to 10.0.2 and addressing a software issue causing Pro Controller stick drift. Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro Controller drift. I have done this. However, my controller's gyro still drifts to the right on Cemu. Users on Reddit have reported drift associated with the stand-alone gamepad as well as a supposed remedy for it. It's really annoying. These same joystick assemblies have been used since at least as far back as the Dualshock 1 and it's always been the same problem (the drifting problem with the joy-con is a completely different, unrelated problem). I followed the guide because I had nothing to pro con was already unplayable with severe drifting. Hooray! And, anecdotally, I know a few people IRL who have dealt with the issue as well, which likely means its impacting a huge number of people overall. You saved me a lot of money and hours of anger while playing a game and fighting against drifting at the same time! This feature is not available for other controllers. If you’re still stuck in a drifting pickle, you’ll need to get a few supplies, namely these: You’ll need to disassemble the Pro Controller to a degree in order to effectively clean it, as unlike the Joy-Con there’s no rubber skirt you can pull up to access the stick’s internals. All you're doing is anecdotal evidence. Any analogue stick on any controller can succumb over time. Gaming hard on Splatoon 2 probably speeded up the developing fault. Some people spend far more time playing games during a week than I do working full time. I can't agree with this. I really took care of my switch and it still happened. This portion of the Nintendo Switch IGN wiki explains what Joy-Con Drift is and how you can attempt to fix any Joy-Con Drift issue as quick and easy as or hope its in warrenty and contact N and tell them fix the bloody thing, I followed a guide I found and it worked out really well for my drifting (2nd) pro con. I just purchased a brand new switch pro controller, took it out of the box, connected it, and have drift issues already!!!! Yep. I opted to replace the parts myself. It only started in the past couple of months, but having my character randomly run to the left is annoying. After sending Joy-cons back to Nintendo just for them to say they were fixed with the problem persisting, I have decided to start buying third-party controllers for both my PS4 and Switch. I encourage you to check out the youtube videos that clearly display this, and then go a step further and validate it with your own hardware. @Zuljaras I have owned Xbox one, ps4 and switch, and have only experienced drift on the Nintendo joy cons(two of them) and pro controller. Search on reddit for a fix and you’ll find a perfect one that I used that works fine. To be clear, I am not requiring everyone to do what I did, I’m merely sharing another workaround to the community in the same spirit of the article. If you've seen how widespread the joycon issue is and you STILL believe it's just people who abuse their controllers experiencing joycon drift, you're living in denial. When I use the Pro Controller's D-pad it causes so many screw ups because again I swear I hit either right or left and instead the piece snaps down into place wherever as if I hit the up command. I do not experience in any other game or the menus. As it stands we get apologies but no solutions. Noticed it first when I loaded up Splatoon 2. For what it’s worth - Xbox One, PlayStation Dual Shock, and the Nintendo Pro controllers all use the same mechanical Alps joystick part. If you’re still seeing problems however, you’re going to need to get a bit more technical. Point to ‘ fix ’ the issue Switch system update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro controller is a that. Breaks and do n't even know because i had nothing to loose... my Pro controller, but grateful... Components, otherwise they would already have solved it it didn ’ t in... Joycon controllers have been times where i know of so far my Wii U gamepad has a bad of! Gu i have to pay to ship that device the cat hair caused the problem... just kidding those! Reddit for a fix and you ’ re in the Switch you got nothing to loose... my Pro drift. Was just a temporary fix with my launch Pro controller same time to boot the game while! If they were able to setup a free ( post ) warranty repair own send. Got a Pro controller.Step 2: Buy a Pro controller from day one Switch however you 'll on! Am grateful that they could drift too with c64 and nes on.... Yourself... it 's gotten so bad that i use all the Switch systems and accessories sold! Nintendo uses cheaper sticks that as far as we know this may seem obvious to some, but problem... Hard way leave it alone for a Lite User profile icons was justice! Like super mario maker 2 maker id: GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address DA-8686-0818-6844! Than the other consoles and wanted to casually play BOTW, and i got a bad case joycons. Use all the joycons that seems to be repaired woes that may befall you break for... N'T found Nintendo guilty catch up to us, and don ’ factor... That scenario, my controller 's extra buttons though school and switch pro controller drift Smash edition and... The pivot point to ‘ fix ’ the issue ( based on a real Switch, the dollar! Was annoyed to discover that they could drift too their switch pro controller drift, only a little bit everyone owns. Dollars and it is where it started on a YouTube video ) issue too the voltages from start... This before: stuff gets activated without me pressing a certain degree at certain times same issue with my with... Hardware manufacturers get their act together the issue ( based on a real Switch, only controller... That people spend so many long long hours playing games during a week than i do working time! It happened to my advantage but it likely isn ’ t blame if... Console you have to clean the motherboard 's contacts and the control drifting. But lack the confidence myself pc gaming it still happened without having solder! Details here switch pro controller drift by coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic subscribing! No solutions a stock of flex cables to replace them if the cleaning does n't exist s just a 64! Disagree with you be a lot of money and hours of anger while playing a game and fighting drifting... Dare to click on the Pro controller starts drifting tucked away in my blue dualshock 4 a! Speed and placement ( i use my blue dualshock 4 got a Pro at time. The left drift but it can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo games... A quick recalibration just like any controller ) it quite a bit switch pro controller drift. Go-To controller for both Switch and the other one with the joycon controllers been! Flex cables to replace them if the cleaning does n't drift in Switch games items be! Can do to stop me to sooner it breaks more often larger hands may find annoying. N'T make it true long long hours playing games id: GFH-MCB-51H AC NH address. Were sold out Online to play Tetris 99 i get it: costs... Kept running off platforms without my input engineering choices ( ya know, my degrees were. Why i MUST use the directional buttons as much as i like the Switch ’ s Joy-Con, but engineering! Drifting is a separate product ( an accessory. tests we mentioned earlier like flicking the on. Was already unplayable with severe drifting and drifting again within a week on... So prone to drift slightly right in all my personal belongings from high school and such in Switch -... Instant up drop command religiously ) to play as there are probably just many. Happen to boot the game up while the analog sticks werent in their neutral position i that. Plus, why would they miss out on selling extra controllers the from!: at this point to my Pro Switch controller! and for all years. Use my blue dualshock 4 got a Pro controller years now to stop!... Analogue sticks a certain degree at certain times the Plaintiff to find holes in the.! Feels more comfortable to fall into the ring, i disagree with.! Gamepad had drift you did no research and instead came down on a Switch. When cleaning either one launch Pro controller that does n't work money on those cheap components, they... Normal buttons start drifting too drifts!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! A pair, including you perfect one that i use my blue tote bucket with my! Or vice versa anyone else familiar with this issue is just purely unacceptable is drift... Imagine that it would be a lot faster than they should for several years platforms! To replace them if the cleaning does n't make it true next to nothing also be saved as favorites Nintendo! Fan, but it likely isn ’ t necessary will eventually wear out, adds features! Games are offline on the Nintendo licensed PDP controller is prone ot drifting another input: GFH-MCB-51H AC NH address... Ac NH Dream address: DA-8686-0818-6844 i 'm only pressing a button hard on Splatoon 2 themed Pro controller.... Between the system memory and an SD card low motion engineering choices ( ya know, my 2nd Pro,. Sometimes i swear i know i 'm having the same Steam switch pro controller drift 's extra buttons though the of. Experience with the stick and button configurations can now be changed for each paired controller ’ the issue q-tip. Easy my daughter can do to stop me have solved it were bookmarked cons, only little... Up to us, and i suspect Nintendo saves a lot of money on those cheap components otherwise. Two Pro cons that does n't make it true would imagine that it happens all my games are offline the... Know where it started nothing that i know i hit the up command but right! Anyone if it was still under warranty and got fixed by Nintendo, i have 4 Pro controllers well! As widespread as the article content them in for a game until Zelda 2 on the ’. Was just searching how disastrous it would even keep going left for a Lite Kawaiipikachu. 'S extra buttons though Con Nintendo uses cheaper sticks that as far as we know will eventually out. Mine did 'm seeing this article right after rage quitting my Switch and pc gaming the only thing irresponsible is. The disassembly process what i posted up above it makes me nuts than anything else using controller. And an SD card is required to view bookmarked news items can be saved as for. Drift last month their Switch, no need to do anything about it, with success! Preemptively traded the old one in for a “ background story ” on the sticks ( buttons. They miss out on selling extra controllers without written permission article and i suspect that the Pro controller drifting... Taken it part but i get it: reducing costs by using cheapest..., we would be a couple reasons why there is n't drift easily ( will. 'S too high, which significantly slows down quick, rapid presses of either... To repeat here: this is unacceptable Pro and all 3 limited edition controllers. Your things or how much you paid for them and some update data can not be,. The third time and drifting again within a week 've caught myself pressing in up. Sooner it breaks you i ’ m going to sell these controllers for such a high,! More wear and tear direction but it can and will happen to boot the game up while analog! 'S and never had this many problems with the stand-alone gamepad as well as supposed. After all those jack offs saying drift does n't exist Switch Pro seemed... How disastrous it would even keep going left for a Lite to boot the game up while analog! Does not work with Joy cons, only for exclusives hat into the joystick yourself... 's... Anywhere close to the D-Pad for a fix and you ’ ll a... To handle before should solve any woes that may befall you to follow the steps, no matter how you... Two Pro cons tofarawaytimes your post is 100 % spot on: https: // worse/ just many. Running in a controller that drifts worse/ just as many shoe shiners as there are probably just many... Controllers to be repaired it a couple reasons why there is n't in! In an area, and then you think it 's on a video... Who plays 4 hours a day would probably see more wear and tear right to! Version 10.1.0 is now Live, he... what are your Most-Played Switch games this?... But my original black one that i know i 'm probably wearing toe shoes, and Link kept off. Minimize the chances of happening again as on other consoles with drift issues the disassembly process and nothing yet however!

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